Wednesday, August 1, 2007

US Diplomat for lifting Ban

United States is calling for lifting ban on politics in order to bring positive change. US Charge D'Affaires Geeta Pasi in Bangladesh said,
"Dialogue is part and parcel of an effective reform process. As such, lifting the ban on politics is absolutely critical as a kick start to positive change in Bangladesh. The arbitrary application of the ban has been a concern, both domestically and internationally"
Daily Star reports on August 1, 2007:
" make a real break with the past, and to earn people's confidence, the government needs to ensure corruption cases are prosecuted fairly, transparently, and without selectivity or political motivation". "It is crucial that all those accused are accorded the full range of their legal and constitutional rights".
Who is going to dispute that Bangladesh does not need another military government in disguise of care taker government? The current care taker government should honor its mandate and promise to hold a free and fair election in Bangladesh without any deliberate political maneuver.

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